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Cleaning and maintenance of distillation equipment

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The quality of the distillate produced, whether it is water, essential oils, spirits or fuel alcohol, depends on the cleanliness and maintenance of the distillation equipment. Before using your distiller for the first time, clean it thoroughly to remove any contaminants that may remain on its surface during the construction process. Clean regularly after each use, between batches, or when switching from one spirit to another, especially for commercial stills. This can remove contaminants such as sulfuric acid that accumulates on the surface of the fermented mash during the distillation process.

What are the benefits of cleaning the distiller regularly?

When copper is exposed to the environment, it will oxidize, the color will gradually become blue-green, and finally almost black. Patina is the natural color that appears when copper metal is used over time. Some people try to maintain the natural color of copper by regularly cleaning and polishing or covering with benzotriazole. Others don't care about the dimness, even though it is only in appearance.

On the other hand, a stainless steel distiller will immediately show dirt and stains on its surface. Stainless steel is easy to clean, but it does need to be cleaned regularly to keep it flawless.

To keep it safe, hygienic and suitable for producing pure distillate, the inside of the distiller (whether it is made of copper or stainless steel) should be carefully cleaned. In addition, when copper stills are clean, they will be more successful in removing sulfide.


1000L / 10HL spirit alcohol copper distillation equipment

Cleaning the fermentation equipment

The distillation device includes a fermentation device separate from the distillation device. Because they process grains from the time they are harvested, this equipment tends to contain more dirt and microorganisms than a distiller. Therefore, fermentation equipment should be cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning can remove dirt and other larger particles, while disinfection can kill invisible bacteria.


Stainless steel fermentation tank

Copper still needs cleaning

There are two situations for cleaning the copper distiller: before the first use after purchase and periodically after use. You can use vinegar solution, rye flour and water or salt solution to clean copperware. Alternatively, a commercial copper cleaner can also be used.

Keep the copper mesh clean

Like using a distiller, clean the copper mesh regularly after use. The cleanliness of the copper mesh will affect its ability to remove sulfur compounds from the liquid, which will directly affect its quality.

Copper distiller polishing

Polish the copper while it is still on the outside to give it a dazzling luster. In the meantime, please choose a non-toxic polishing agent and stay away from abrasive cleaners at all costs. In order to avoid you still getting soiled by cleaners that should remove rust, please rinse and wipe dry carefully after using any cleaner of your choice.

Cleaned stainless steel still

Stainless steel stills are much simpler to clean, and unlike copper equipment, they will not lose their luster due to proper maintenance. However, even the tiniest stains or dirt will appear and can be removed by just wiping lightly.


3000L Whiskey Vodka 96% Alcohol Copper Distillation Equipment

High-quality goods and delicious spirits come from well-maintained stills. Especially copper distiller can more successfully remove the sulfur compounds in moonlight wine, thus producing delicious products. Depending on the type and purpose of the distiller, you need to be especially careful to clean it properly. It is also recommended to use warm or hot water for cleaning, because it can not only remove dirt and oil, but also remove hidden bacteria. Finally, frequent cleaning and maintenance will keep your winery in peak operating order for a longer period of time.

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