Kölsch Karnival Takes Over the Taproom This February

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Friends, family and neighbors are all strangers in the street during the “Crazy Days” of masked Karneval. In Cologne, those who keep the faith and pagans alike revel in masquerade between Fat Thursday and Ash Wednesday. Paupers and princes join arm in arm to celebrate worldly pleasures before giving them up for Lent. For one glorious week, everyone feasts on roasted meats, delicate sweets and, of course, Kölsch. The pride of Cologne, this beer is light, refreshing and infinitely drinkable, and in the legendary Kölsch halls, the cups never run dry. For the instant they are drained, dutiful attendants pour more of the signature golden ale.

Regardless of your social status or citizenry, Karneval is renowned as a festival of inclusivity — anyone is invited to participate in the celebration. Worldly trappings and social status are well hidden for the week behind masks both gaudy and humorous. In fact, this tradition is so well-loved, that the city nominates three citizens to play the roles of prince, pauper and young maiden, each indicated by an elaborate, oversized mask.

On February 23rd, join Down The Road Beer Co. in our celebration of Kölsch Karnival - one night of authentic German fare, Oompa music and, of course, near-bottomless Kölsch. Guests are encouraged to come in full masquerade, but those who come unprepared can show their crafty side by fabricating a disguise at our complimentary mask-making station. For those who want the true Kölsch experience, tickets are available for purchase on site that are good for five pours and an authentic Kölsch stange (glass) souvenir.

So come add a bit of light to an otherwise dismal February, and join us for  Kölsch Karnival - Kölle Alaaf


Alex E. Weaver