Introducing: Deepdweller Cranberry Chocolate Stout

Every civilization has its signature monsters and boogeymen - vile creatures that threaten to pounce from the shadows at any time, yet there is one primal horror that transcends both geography and culture: the dragon. These avaricious serpents are fear made manifest. Their teeth are sharp, claws long and hunger neigh boundless.

Fear Made Flesh
From Arthurian legend to ancient Chinese myth, many forms of dragons exist, yet few are as terrifying as the British Knucker. This devil stalks England’s broad moors, lurking deep in abyssal pools and waiting for foolish prey to approach in search of drinking water or a brisk bath. The covetous Knucker leaves nothing for the crows, pulling knight, armor and steed all whole into its watery lair. Although times have changed and the moors are now criss-crossed with thousands of miles of pavement, some say this monster still lies in wait, near spitting distance from the road, salivating for new treasures to add to its trove.

Brew From The Abyss
It is this unlikely monster to which we dedicate our Deepdweller Cranberry Chocolate Stout - a reminder of the old world horrors that once dominated our collective unconscious. This beer is deep and black as the sunken graves of the Knucker with roasted malt and robust chocolate contrasted against a quick zip of tart cranberry, alluring as a chest of rubies. Although we have prepared Deepdweller to be enjoyed fresh, we also set aside a fraction of the batch to age in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels, where it will slumber for several months awaiting the perfect opportunity to strike. Drink, but remember - if you seek to hunt monsters, you must take caution lest you become one yourself.

Brendan Van Voris