Our Taproom Graffiti Mural

It’s amazing how quickly a year can pass. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that our taproom was full of sawdust and the cacophony of grinding metal instead of smiling faces and jangling pinball machines. We have been so caught up in building and refining our taproom that we completely failed to talk about one of its most distinctive features: that giant, trippy graffiti mural in the middle of the taproom.

Popart, Beer and Attacks of Opportunity
Sometimes the best things don’t come from careful planning, but chaotic inspiration. When we were in the final days of buildout in the taproom, we had some friends visiting from out of town: Amara Por Dios and Flesh031. Both Flesh and Amara are graffiti artists, and they were in town to show off their rattlecan skills at Future Arts 2017. As friends of the brewery, we wanted to show them the space we were building for our taproom, and the second they saw the giant, two story-tall white walls, their eyes lit up like it was Christmas. They had time, they had paint, they had a vision, and the rest was a no-brainer.

About the Artists
Amara and Flesh are both Swedish-born painters who are currently based out of London, England. The two artists frequently collaborate on projects under the moniker “Gods Flesh.” Their work frequently incorporates the bizarre, fantastical and downright psychedelic into amazing colorscapes of wild imagination.

The Mural
Down The Road’s taproom mural literally went up overnight. In November 2017, Gods Flesh set to work on the massive, bare white canvas with their palette of vibrant colors and boundless creativity. Today, the mural is one of the most grammable features in our taproom and serves as the perfect backdrop to our awesome collection of classic pinball machines. Check out the timelapse video of the painting and swing by the taproom to see it in person.

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