introducing dreamtime & golden city: two distinct New England ipas

Who would have guessed that turbid IPAs would be the cutting edge of beer in 2017? It wasn’t long ago that brewers competed for the clearest, delicate ales and lagers, but now, many craft connoisseurs will turn their noses at any IPA they don’t have to chew before swallowing. Down The Road might have a reputation for brewing more traditional beers, but you don’t just sit on the sidelines during an IPA revolution.

To that end, we are proud to introduce two fresh New England IPAs to our portfolio: Golden City and Dreamtime. These two beers share many similarities with our popular spring release, Queequeg’s Revenge New England IPA. All three clock in at 7% and pour hazy with a tantalizingly smooth mouthfeel, but the similarities stop there.

Golden City should appeal to the juice-lovers out there; we threw pounds upon pounds of El Dorado and Bru-1 hops at every stage of the brewing process, and the results are next-effing-level. This juicebomb explodes with pineapple, cantaloupe and peach undercut with just enough bitterness to make the flavors pop. Hit up our new Beer Finder to locate some Golden City near you!

Dreamtime takes those tropical, pineapple notes and pivots over to herbs, pine and flowers via two Australian hops: Vic Secret and Ella. The combination is complex, and drinkers will have to go deep to isolate the aroma/flavor notes. Still, the beer is as drinkable as they come, and you should check out the rest of the ingredients over on our Beer Page to learn more.

Even though both of our new NEIPAs are a bit experimental, these two hop-smoothies stick to the basics of good beer-making– no backsweetening or hop extracts here, nor are we spiking the beer with fruit concentrate or artificial flavorings. We’re just making some killer giggle juice that’s best enjoyed fresh and in the company of good friends.


Becky Schrumm