Dreaming of the Pleiades: The Story of the Seventh Star

“Have I told you of my one true love? The shining beauty who guides me through the darkness?” said the sailor to his mate.

“Nay friend. Be her bosoms heavy and hair flaxen?”

“Nothing so base. She is of the Pleiades, one of the seven daughters of Atlas, a rare and beautiful queen of the night sky and beacon of hope to those riding the waves on the open ocean.”

“I’m afraid your love is doomed, good fool, for you speak of the stars as if they are women. Might as well invite the moon to dinner!”

“Look to the sky and count. How many stars see you in the constellation? Six. For one of the Seven has already left her celestial sorority for a mortal man. Fair Merope, youngest of the sisters, fell in love with earthbound Sisyphus, and bore him seven sons. My will is set and my heart is pure. I shall win my love and pluck her from the heavens like a ripe grape.”

“And this Seventh Star? Where has she gone?”

“To Hades, with her beloved Sisyphus, my friend. And so shall my celestial wife when I depart this mortal coil.”

Our Seventh Star IPA is a ripe, fruity brew that features the elusive Idaho Experimental #7 hop. This new contender boasts bright notes of melon, grape and strawberry, which we offset against a light swirl of Azaca hops, allowing for just a splash of tropical fruit. Like the Seventh Sister of the Pleiades, this divine IPA straddles the gulf between heaven and earth to deliver a truly cosmic experience.

Becky Schrumm