A Deeper Look At Our New Undine Double IPA

Undine rises from the great abyssal gulfs of the briney deep, her piscean tail sinuous as she sets her dead gaze on our docile shores. Yet despite her lack of a soul, the story of Undine is not a horror -– it is a tragic romance. You see, unlike most monsters, Undine is aware of her soullessness and desires nothing more than to become human. She stalks our shores not as a foe, though her ire can be deadly to those her spurn her. Instead, she calls out to those with ears to hear her, searching desperately for a human whose love will grant her an immortal soul.

The Search for A Soul

How does her story end? That all depends on who is telling it. Some say that Undine found her eternal mate, a dashing prince who fell in love with the mermaid at first blush. According to these yarns, Undine shed her tail to become a human woman and the two lived happily ever after, yet not all renditions of her tale end so nicely. Some believe that Undine married a fisherman who said he would love her until the end of time, but shortly after their wedding, the fisherman ran off with another woman. Devastated, the vengeful Undine stole her former husband’s breath, leading to his agonizing demise. Other storytellers say Undine never met her true love, or he died before they married. Instead of a “happily ever after,” the heartbroken and world-weary Undine transformed into a burbling stream. On certain nights, passersby can still hear her sorrowful song as the springwater runs like tears from the earth.

Alluring Hops, Tantalizing Depth

Our Undine Double IPA is named after this queen of the depths. Its rich bouquet of tropical fruit and citrus reflects the complex nature of its namesake. This is a big, bold beer with a commanding presence, and while it may not be able to sing to you, the alluring aroma of Citra, Amarillo and Mosaic hops will seduce beer aficionados far and wide.

Becky Schrumm