Our Taproom Graffiti Mural

It’s amazing how quickly a year can pass. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that our taproom was full of sawdust and the cacophony of grinding metal instead of smiling faces and jangling pinball machines. We have been so caught up in building and refining our taproom that we completely failed to talk about one of its most distinctive features: that giant, trippy graffiti mural in the middle of the taproom.

Popart, Beer and Attacks of Opportunity
Sometimes the best things don’t come from careful planning, but chaotic inspiration. When we were in the final days of buildout in the taproom, we had some friends visiting from out of town: Amara Por Dios and Flesh031. Both Flesh and Amara are graffiti artists, and they were in town to show off their rattlecan skills at Future Arts 2017. As friends of the brewery, we wanted to show them the space we were building for our taproom, and the second they saw the giant, two story-tall white walls, their eyes lit up like it was Christmas. They had time, they had paint, they had a vision, and the rest was a no-brainer.

About the Artists
Amara and Flesh are both Swedish-born painters who are currently based out of London, England. The two artists frequently collaborate on projects under the moniker “Gods Flesh.” Their work frequently incorporates the bizarre, fantastical and downright psychedelic into amazing colorscapes of wild imagination.

The Mural
Down The Road’s taproom mural literally went up overnight. In November 2017, Gods Flesh set to work on the massive, bare white canvas with their palette of vibrant colors and boundless creativity. Today, the mural is one of the most grammable features in our taproom and serves as the perfect backdrop to our awesome collection of classic pinball machines. Check out the timelapse video of the painting and swing by the taproom to see it in person.

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Introducing Cherry Lime Popsicle Sour

The first in our new "Dessert for Grownups" rotating beer series

There’s a certain nostalgic magic that blares from an ice cream truck’s tinny speakers. Even this late in the summer, those Pavlovian ditties are enough to excite anyone’s sweet tooth as we pat our pockets for spare change. In loving homage to the humble ice cream truck, Down The Road is excited to release our latest series of taproom exclusive beer: “Dessert for Grownups.”

We begin with a limited release batch of cherry / lime sour with a hint of vanilla. Puckering, yet well-balanced, the beer is inspired by the classic Bomb Pop - that distinct red, white and blue popsicle that many of us grew up slurping on the beach. Donovan Bailey, head brewer and founder of DTR, explains his motivation. “In preparation for what looks like an Indian Summer, I wanted to brew something fun and kind of nostalgic.”

Isaiah Reynolds, Donovan’s lead production brewer, is also a big fan of this beer. As Isaiah explains, “It has a subtle lactic sourness that plays well in to a vanilla note.” This inaugural batch of “Dessert for Grownups” gets most of its color from the healthy dose of cherry, though the vanilla and lime are also well-expressed. Overall, the beer is light, tart and refreshing - perfect for closing out summer 2018 in style.

“Dessert for Grownups” will be available both in cans and on draft at DTR’s Everett-based taproom this Friday, September 7 beginning at 11 am. Compliments Food Co. will be at the brewery from 5PM until close with their food truck.

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Introducing Bonus Ball New England IPA

Anyone who has visited Down The Road’s taproom in Everett has seen (and probably played) the brewery’s impressive collection of pinball machines. Although many DTR beers have a folklore theme, it makes sense to brew a pinball-themed beer to complement the dazzling arcade.

Introducing: Bonus Ball New England IPA.

According to Donovan Bailey, head brewer and owner of Down The Road, "our taproom is stuffed with more than 20 pinball machines, so we get asked all the time to release a pinball-themed brew. Bonus Ball is that beer, a super-hazy New England IPA that's the first in a rotating, arcade-inspired hoppy beer series."

New England IPAs have exploded in popularity over the past three years, and they were recently acknowledged by the BJCP as an official style. These hoppy juice-bombs stand in stark contrast to the bitter-forward IPAs of the West Coast that struck the spark of the American craft beer renaissance. Rather than amplify as many IBUs as possible, New England-style IPAs tend to run a bit sweeter with intense hop aroma and a creamy mouthfeel.

Bonus Ball is a quintessential NEIPA. Clocking in at a smooth 6.8% ABV, Bonus Ball hits the fruit jackpot with Huell Melon, Grungeist and Hallertau Mittlefruh, all German aromatic hops that “throw some awesome stone fruit, and citrus fruit notes” according to lead production brewer, Isaiah Reynolds. The beer pours hazy and positively radiant thanks to a protein-laden grain bill with flaked oats and wheat, which also produces a creamy mouthfeel and smooth, refreshing finish.

Down The Road releases the Bonus Ball on Friday, August 17, 2018 at the Everett taproom on draft and to go in four-pack, 16-oz. cans. Case purchases will be limited to one per person, and supply is limited.

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Looking at Life Through Rosé-Colored Spectacles

Inspiration and Innovation

At Down The Road Beer Co, we pride ourselves on our innovation just as much as our quality. Sometimes that means taking risks. Deepdweller Cranberry Chocolate Stout was a risk, and while it was likely our most polarizing beer to date, we think it was a success. Spinning out of that tradition, we are very excited to introduce our newest beer: Rosé Colored Spectacles - a delightfully refreshing, raspberry sour inspired by the preferred wine of summer day-drinkers everywhere.

Exclusive and Limited

Rosé-Colored Spectacles isn’t the first taproom exclusive we’ve brewed, but it is the forerunner of a new program to make these unique beers available for takeaway, and starting now they’ll be coming at you fast. Some of these beers will be experimental, like Deepdweller, while others will be a bit more traditional - like our Brasserie de Lucas Saison. But here’s the thing - we’re only brewing these beers once. One and done. Never to return. So make sure to keep sampling, and when you find one you like, you can take home as many cans as you like.

*As for Rosé-Colored Spectacles, look for it in the taproom mid- to-late next week (week of June 11) — Check the site and social media for the exact drop date!*

Part of the Process

Our taproom gives us a lot of freedom regarding what we brew for these limited releases, and we want you to be part of the process. As with all of our beers, we want you to share your experiences, impressions and opinions. Tag us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - @DTRBrewery - rank us on Untappd or Beer Advocate or just let your server know what you think about the beer. The feedback we gather from your experience will be used to help us figure out what we make next for this ever-evolving series of taproom exclusives from Down The Road.

So stop in, grab a sampler to sip and some cans for home (and a few extra to trade) and let us know what you think!

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Reynard's Witbier: The New Beer of Summer
Reynards Witbier.png

As soft spring days stretch into warm summer nights, Down The Road is proud to reintroduce Reynard’s Witbier, a smooth 4.5% Belgian session blossoming with bitter orange zest, Indian coriander and smooth chamomile.

Legendary Character

Named for the notorious Reynard the Fox of Belgian folklore, Down The Road’s Witbier encourages the inner trickster in all of us. The roguish fox was a staple of European literature during the Middle Ages, partly because he functioned as a proxy for authors to discuss, criticize and outright mock the hegemony of the time. A local authority could easily seek recourse against a writer for direct slander, but none could take offense at the hijinks of a silly fox. In the stories, Reynard dueled lupine knights, tricked leonine monarchs and cheated death with naught but his wit. Like its namesake, Reynard’s Witbier is light and adaptable, but surprisingly complex.

Traditional Style

As a style, Belgian Witbier has been around since the 16th century and is defined by its liberal use of exotic fruits and spices with a heavy ratio of wheat in the grain bill. We use chamomile to add a distinct softness that plays foil to the bitter orange zest and citrusy coriander. The result is an extremely well-balanced wheat ale that any palate can appreciate and enjoy.

Reynard’s Witbier is a seasonal release for Spring/Summer and will be available in 16oz cans and on draft. The first batch will land on shelves and tap lines in mid May and will remain available through August.

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We Built a Beer Garden!

Spring? What spring? We’re blowing straight past April showers AND May flowers with temps in the 80s this week! Fortunately, Down The Road Beer Co. has just the thing to take advantage of this prelude to summer with our new, open air beer garden — officially open now.  

With its debut, you’ll be able to drink al fresco at DTR with access to our full beer list courtesy of our diligent taproom servers. (Or, you know, just walk the 50 feet back into the taproom.) Enjoy the weather, play some games and recharge your Vitamin D. As always, pets on leashes are allowed in the beer garden, so feel free to bring well-behaved four-legged friends.

The only question left is: what can we pour you?

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Always Wanted to Work in a Brewery? We're Hiring

We're expanding our production team to keep apace of increased demand from the market. Turns out, when you brew innovative beer you're passionate about, people are pretty psyched to drink it in and ask for refills. That's good news for anyone who's ever dreamed of working in a craft brewery — including, we hope, you. 

Right now, we need to add a lead brewer and a packaging operator to our ever-growing, dynamic team of young, talented industry badasses. (Like Ian there.)

The Lead Brewer position is a dynamic opportunity to work under company founder and head brewer Donovan Bailey, while managing direct reports including assistant brewers and cellarmen. Our beer portfolio is ever-expanding, as is our drive to continue to push the boundaries of what craft beer can be. This position will have a direct impact on the current inner workings of the brewery as well as the future catalog of beers and brewhouse best practices. (More on this one, here.)

The Packaging Operator is in charge of all packaging operations at the brewery, including such duties as canning line operation and maintenance, keg washer/filler operation and maintenance, making sure all operating systems are clean and functioning properly, and working with the Packaging Lead and other members of the packaging and production teams to ensure all beer that leaves the facility is of the highest quality.

Our taproom may have just opened in November, but we're already made a major stamp on the market — and we've got no plans to slowing down now. 

Interested in applying? Send a resume to: CAREERS@DTRBREWERY.COM.

Pukwudgie Session IPA

If you’ve been following us from the beginning, you know how far Down The Road has come in these few short years, and one little guy has been there for every step of the journey: the Pukwudgie. The entire company started with that fuzzball back in 2015, but as we have evolved, so has our cherished Puk. Most noticeable is the fact that we recently relabeled our popular American Pale Ale as a Session IPA. Keep reading to find out why.

What’s In A Name?

Everything and nothing. This is the same beer you’ve grown to love over the past three years. In terms of the recipe, nothing has changed. We’re still brewing Puk with our signature blend of Mosaic, Chinook and Cascade hops on a base of pure and simple pale 2-row malt. However, now that all of our beer is coming out of our own brewhouse and getting packaged on our state-of-the-art Palmer canning line, we’ve noticed a distinct spike in freshness and hop presence.

This got us thinking, is this really a pale ale anymore? Sure, pale ales have a strong hop profile, but nothing near what you expect from an IPA, and as we solicited more feedback, many tasters commented that it felt more like an IPA than a pale.

Expectations and New Markets

We didn’t see any shame in embracing this perceived change. We want people to know our Pukwudgie is hoppy! We want hop hunters to seek it out, and we want folk who prefer malt-forward pales to keep browsing. To date, our tenacious DTR sales team has done a great job managing the expectations of newcomers to our beers. They can tell corporate buyers and folk at tastings that our Puk is “like a session IPA,” but now that our reach has grown, our labels need to be more straightforward in managing customer expectations. We believe that the pivot from American Pale to Session IPA accomplishes that goal nicely.

Pukwudgie Evolution

Although the new name is the most recent evolution of our Pukwudgie, it is almost certainly not the last. Down The Road is savvy to the scene, and as beer in New England changes, so will we. We leave you with this: a quick reminder of how much Puk has changed over the years and where it is now!

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The Return of the Blackberry Feyborn

This week, Down The Road is ecstatic to announce the return of the Blackberry Feyborn Berliner Weisse. This is the original Feyborn, released back in 2016 as the first fruited sour we ever produced. We’ve grown so much in that time, but there are some classics that never fade, and this girl is one of them. Keep reading to find out more about one of DTR’s most popular beers - the Feyborn Berliner Weisse.

Who is the Feyborn?

Faeries and a Changeling Child

Faeries and a Changeling Child

If you’ve read the side of any of the cans of Feyborn, you know a little about this mischievous little imp. The Feyborn is a Changeling, a faerie that pops up in all kinds of European folklore. This creature is a doppelganger of sorts - it assumes the form of a human child in order to live among us and be coddled by its doting surrogate parents.

In medieval society, the myth of the Changeling served as a way for folk to explain away all the anxieties and unexplainable strangeness of raising kids. Wild child born to good, God-fearing folk? Gotta be a Changeling. Lazy kid who never wants to do hard work? Changeling, for sure. Healthy kid gets sick out of nowhere? Must have been a Changeling who wanted to get back to Faerie Land. Every human generation has struggled to understand the enigma that is children, and for the cultures that existed before child psychology was a real discipline, Changelings were a convenient explanation for all sorts of strange behavior.

The Inspiration

Our artist, Nikki Rossignol, has an uncanny ability of capturing the souls of her subjects in her paintings. Even when depicting the most wacky, fantastical creatures, there is a fire in their eyes that transcends her medium. Sometimes cute, sometimes unsettling or outright scary, her phantasmagoria comes from a place of dreams, but it is tethered in reality.

Part of this effect comes from her use of real people for model references. All sorts of people pose for Nikki - brewmaster Donovan is the main figure on the “Henzelmann’s Festbier” label, and most of the sales and production team showed up on “Golden City.” Nikki herself shows up twice as the two mermaids on Undine Double IPA, but one little girl has had more DTR label appearances than anyone: Nikki’s daughter, Elke.

She might not be old enough to drink, but, whether she knows it or not, Elke is kind of a big deal at Down The Road. Check out this reference photo for the strawberry rhubarb Feyborn we brewed last summer:



Traditional Beer for a Modern Age

Berliner Weisse has been a popular beer in Germany for generations. This uniquely sour, pale wheat beer is intentionally exposed to bacteria to spike its acidity. Typically this is accomplished by lowering the pH of the beer with lactobacillus, a common probiotic that is used for everything from bolstering people’s immune systems to creating yogurt to protecting plant roots from harmful bacteria. Human’s typically perceive acid as sour, which is why citric acid is used by the candy industry to make things like sour gummies. The lactobacillus used in Berliner Weisse produces lactic acid, which gives the beer its delightfully refreshing tartness.

In Germany, it is common practice to serve Berliner Weisse “mit schuss” (with sauce) which means the sour base beer is supplemented with a sidecar of fruit syrup. Popular flavors include raspberry, cherry and, even more traditionally, Woodruff - an herbal concoction with a distinct green hue. The Feyborn is the commercial evolution of the Berliner mit schuss. We can’t exactly give you a fruit cup with every beer, but by adding the fruit directly, we can do a pretty good imitation of this German classic.

Welcome to Spring

Fruited Berliners are the perfect companion to spring. They are light, crisp and infinitely drinkable. Whether you’re daydrinking your way through May or craving a refreshing way to take the edge off while cleaning up all that nor’easter mess in your backyard, the Feyborn has you covered. Crack a blackberry Berliner and embrace your inner wild child.

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Drink It or Don't - Diets, Allergies & Beer

There aren’t too many absolute truisms in beer, but one thing is for certain: “Everyone likes beer, they just don’t know it yet.” Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy beer due to dietary restrictions related to medical conditions and lifestyle choices. For these individuals, knowing whether a beer is safe to drink or not can be a challenge, especially in the United States where brewers are not required to list ingredients or nutritional information on their packaging. For more insight on who can and can't drink beer from Down The Road, we contacted Kristin Thomas, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner & Founder of Thrive by Food to help you better understand which products are best suited for you and your dietary needs.

What’s In Beer?

In its purest form, beer is comprised of four basic ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and water. As brewers continue to innovate and evolve their craft, there are more unique ingredients in beer than ever before, and individuals with dietary restrictions should be vigilant to take the time to dig in to the specifics of their pints.


“Malt” is the generic term for any malted grain. “Malting” is the process of germinating and then roasting grain to produce fermentable sugars and enzymes that form the alcoholic base of beer. These grains can include, but are not exclusive to: barley, wheat, rye and oats. Barley is the most commonly used in brewing due to its high diastatic potential, meaning it contains large amounts of enzymes that help yeast convert the grain’s sugar into alcohol, while the other cereal grains contribute more to appearance, aroma and flavor. While malted grain is safe for most people, it does contain high amounts of gluten, and should be avoided by anyone who is advised to maintain a low or no gluten diet.


Hops are the flowers from a hop plant or Humulus lupulus, a member of the Cannabaceae family. That’s right, hops share a common ancestry with cannabis and hemp. Hops contain alpha acids, which contribute to the bitter flavor profile of some beers and also help with stability and shelf-life. Hops also contain essential oils, which impart an array of flavors to beer, from piney to fruity to spicy and citrusy. Hops are safe for most diets, but some cases of hop allergies have been reported. Symptoms are typically mild, including headaches, and light rashes. Individuals who are hop sensitive should avoid heavily hopped beers, such as IPAs and Pale Ales, as these likely contain raw hop compounds from dry hopping, which contain high concentrations of hop-derived allergens. 


Brewers yeast, or saccharomyces, is present in nearly every style of beer on the market. This ubiquitous organic compound is actually a fungi, which consumes sugar and processes it into alcohol. Although most of the yeast in any given batch of beer falls out of suspension as part of the brewing process, any unfiltered or unpasteurized beer will contain some yeast. Whether brewers yeast is good for you or not depends a lot on your unique biology. Some people benefit immensely from this fungi, as it is rich in vitamins and minerals, and take it as a nutritional supplement. However, some individuals are allergic to brewers yeast and can experience abdominal cramping, digestive issues and headaches. If you are sensitive to yeast, it is best to avoid beer that hasn’t been pasteurized.

Drink or Don’t - Specific Health Conditions and Beer

Celiac Disease and Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Although significantly different biologically, the diets for people with Celiac Disease and those who are merely gluten sensitive are nearly identical. For these individuals, gluten should be avoided at all costs. It is possible to make a beer-like beverage using gluten-free ingredients such as corn, millet or quinoa traditional beers are never fully gluten free. All malt contains gluten, therefore any beer brewed with malt will have gluten, and people with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity should steer clear.

Lactose Intolerance

Individuals who are lactose intolerant lack specific enzymes that aid with the digestion of milk and milk-based derivatives. Consumption of products made with dairy trigger an array of digestive issues in people with lactose intolerance, though several products exist to assist with digestion. Most beer is safe for people with lactose intolerance, however, some beer may be sweetened with lactose, which is an unfermentable sugar. Some brewers use lactose to add sweetness to their beer that cannot be converted into alcohol by residual yeast. If you are lactose intolerant, be sure to avoid any beer sweetened with lactose such as Milk Stouts, lactose (or milkshake) IPAs, dessert sours and cream ales.

Yeast Infections

Yeast infections of any kind can be exacerbated by consuming any product with live yeast cultures in it. According to Thomas, candida can be agitated by saccharomyces, the most common yeast in beer.

Histamine Intolerance

Histamine intolerance is a condition characterized by the diminished capacity for histamine degradation. Put simply, individuals who are diagnosed with histamine intolerance have difficulty processing and detoxifying histamines. Thomas, who works patients diagnosed with histamine intolerance, advises anyone with this condition to avoid any and all fermented food and drink, including beer, which can cause dangerous reactions involving the body’s histamines.

Specific Ingredient Allergies

  • Yeast - avoid any non-filtered, non-pasteurized beers. Every beer from Down The Road is unfiltered and we do not pasteurize.

  • Hops - Avoid IPAs, Pale Ales and anything advertised as “dry hopped.” Almost all beer contains some amount of hops, but it’s the mostly the really raw stuff that triggers hop allergies.

  • Stonefruit (peaches, apricots, cherries, etc) - Check the ingredients and avoid fruited beers. Down The Road plainly lists any fruit in their beers, but be extra careful with their fruited sours as they contain more raw forms of these ingredients. Note that some beers may be described as tasting of different stonefruit, but unless we specifically say that it contains fruit juice, then those flavor impressions come from hops and not actual fruit.

  • Nuts - Some beers include nuts and nut extracts. If you have a nut allergy, avoid any beer brewed with peanut butter, hazelnuts, pecans, etc. Down The Road does not currently use any nuts in their beer, including the Hooligan Nut Brown, which has a nutty taste, but does not include any actual nuts.

Drink or Don’t - Lifestyle and Religious Choices


With the exception of beers brewed with lactose, vegans don’t have much to worry about since most beer does not contain any animal products. As mentioned in the lactose intolerance section, vegans should be on the lookout for any “sweet,” “cream,” “milk,” or “dessert” beers as they may contain lactose. Down The Road does not currently produce any lactose beers, but that doesn’t mean we never will.


Every beer brewed at Down The Road is vegetarian-friendly.


Beer is low in fat but very high in carbohydrates and calories. Most beers contain well over 15 grams of carbohydrates and 150+ calories. If you maintain a low to no carb diet, any beer, not just Down The Road beer, is definitely off the table.


Down The Road does not currently produce any non-alcoholic beer options, but we serve an array of non-alcoholic beverages at our taproom including craft sodas, Kombucha and nitro coffee.

In Summary

The short answer is this: all Down The Road beer contains gluten and is high in carbohydrates and calories. None of our beer is pasteurized or filtered, so it all contains hop oil/particulate and live yeast. Some of our beer contains fruit that people may be allergic to, and we haven’t brewed with lactose or nuts yet, but that doesn’t mean we never will. Stay vigilant, stay informed and remember that it’s always safer to ask than to guess.

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Introducing: GoopMassta Session IPA

Anyone who has visited Down The Road Beer Co’s taproom knows that we're about more than just faeries and monsters. The walls of the beer hall / arcade are dominated by an epic, two-story mural, designed and sprayed by a collection of visiting graffiti artists from around the world. Art appreciation is at the core of the brewery’s identity, which is why we are proud to introduce our newest project: the Virtuoso Series.

Each collectible release in the Virtuoso Series will feature breakout artists from around the world. The work runs the gamut from raw and gutsy to whimsical and playful - stuff that is just as comfortable sprayed on a subway station, gallery wall or beer can. Up first is GoopMassta, a Miami-based artist, and his signature hip hop frog. Both the art and the liquid are a little splash of Florida - sunny, lighthearted and laid back.

GoopMassta Session IPA bursts with dank citrus and punchy apricot notes from liberal use of Citra and Amarillo hops. Low bitterness and a smooth finish round out a bodacious brew that needs no hype to make an impression.*

Down The Road Beer Co. is excited to kick off the Virtuoso Series with GoopMassta Session IPA and, of course, a huge launch party at the taproom on Friday, March 23rd. Reggae music will be provided by JSN GROOVES, JAHRIFFE & JAH-N-I ROOTS BAND, and Toussaint The Liberator & Sarah Brindle with the Naya Rockers. A special food menu will be dished out by Melt Food Truck. Each beer in the Virtuoso Series, including GoopMassta Session IPA, will be a taproom exclusive release with no package or draft distribution.

*A minor caveat: this iteration is technically version 2.0. The original plan for this beer was significantly more avant garde, but unfortunately, it was a bit ahead of its time. The earthy ingredients have been shelved for now in anticipation of more defined legislature regarding the use of certain organic compounds in beer.

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Introducing: Sunna Double IPA

Did you realize it has been almost two and a half years since Down The Road released its first batch of Undine? In that time, we have released twenty different beers, yet Undine remains our only Double IPA. We have finally decided to remedy that - introducing Sunna DIPA, our newest and perhaps hoppiest release to date.

Legendary Hops
Named after the Norse goddess of the sun, this Double IPA boasts epic juiciness from Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo and Galaxy - all legends from the pantheon of hops. At 8.5% ABV, Sunna DIPA is a perfect harmony of orange, apricot and grapefruit notes, radiant as a smile from the Sun Goddess herself.

Divine Malts
As much as this beer is all about the hops, there’s still for a bit of malty nuance as well. Head brewer Donovan saw this release as an opportunity to bring a bit more heft to the recipe with Golden Promise, a smooth, full-bodied malt with a hint of sweetness. The result is a beer that is as juicy as it is robust. Grab a pint at our taproom and take a four pack or two for the road.

Sunna DIPA is available on draft and to go in the taproom only with a carryout limit of one case per customer.

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Introducing: Deepdweller Cranberry Chocolate Stout

Every civilization has its signature monsters and boogeymen - vile creatures that threaten to pounce from the shadows at any time, yet there is one primal horror that transcends both geography and culture: the dragon. These avaricious serpents are fear made manifest. Their teeth are sharp, claws long and hunger neigh boundless.

Fear Made Flesh
From Arthurian legend to ancient Chinese myth, many forms of dragons exist, yet few are as terrifying as the British Knucker. This devil stalks England’s broad moors, lurking deep in abyssal pools and waiting for foolish prey to approach in search of drinking water or a brisk bath. The covetous Knucker leaves nothing for the crows, pulling knight, armor and steed all whole into its watery lair. Although times have changed and the moors are now criss-crossed with thousands of miles of pavement, some say this monster still lies in wait, near spitting distance from the road, salivating for new treasures to add to its trove.

Brew From The Abyss
It is this unlikely monster to which we dedicate our Deepdweller Cranberry Chocolate Stout - a reminder of the old world horrors that once dominated our collective unconscious. This beer is deep and black as the sunken graves of the Knucker with roasted malt and robust chocolate contrasted against a quick zip of tart cranberry, alluring as a chest of rubies. Although we have prepared Deepdweller to be enjoyed fresh, we also set aside a fraction of the batch to age in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels, where it will slumber for several months awaiting the perfect opportunity to strike. Drink, but remember - if you seek to hunt monsters, you must take caution lest you become one yourself.

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Kölsch Karnival Takes Over the Taproom This February
Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 10.04.02 AM.png

Friends, family and neighbors are all strangers in the street during the “Crazy Days” of masked Karneval. In Cologne, those who keep the faith and pagans alike revel in masquerade between Fat Thursday and Ash Wednesday. Paupers and princes join arm in arm to celebrate worldly pleasures before giving them up for Lent. For one glorious week, everyone feasts on roasted meats, delicate sweets and, of course, Kölsch. The pride of Cologne, this beer is light, refreshing and infinitely drinkable, and in the legendary Kölsch halls, the cups never run dry. For the instant they are drained, dutiful attendants pour more of the signature golden ale.

Regardless of your social status or citizenry, Karneval is renowned as a festival of inclusivity — anyone is invited to participate in the celebration. Worldly trappings and social status are well hidden for the week behind masks both gaudy and humorous. In fact, this tradition is so well-loved, that the city nominates three citizens to play the roles of prince, pauper and young maiden, each indicated by an elaborate, oversized mask.

On February 23rd, join Down The Road Beer Co. in our celebration of Kölsch Karnival - one night of authentic German fare, Oompa music and, of course, near-bottomless Kölsch. Guests are encouraged to come in full masquerade, but those who come unprepared can show their crafty side by fabricating a disguise at our complimentary mask-making station. For those who want the true Kölsch experience, tickets are available for purchase on site that are good for five pours and an authentic Kölsch stange (glass) souvenir.

So come add a bit of light to an otherwise dismal February, and join us for  Kölsch Karnival - Kölle Alaaf


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Beer for good: Colibri puerto rico Hurricane Relief Gose

Months after Hurricane Maria, nearly half Puerto Rico’s residents are still without power and other basic human needs. Everyone knows the island needs aid, but despite our best intentions, many mainlanders don’t know what they can do to help. However, for fans of Down The Road, contributing to PR reconstruction is as easy sipping a few beers. 

This week, DTR releases its newest beer: Colibri Hurricane Relief Gose. This delightfully tart brew is brimming with tropical flavor from guava, mango and native, Puerto Rican sea salt, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to hurricane relief efforts via The Boston Foundation. Join us for the release party on January 25 (this Thursday) for authentic PR food, live music and salsa lessons. Several Puerto Rican artists have also volunteered to hang art for the party, all of which will be for sale.

There’s a lot of hard work to be done, and we applaud everyone who is putting in the sweat equity required for comprehensive restoration, but we also recognize that not everyone can put on a hard hat, take off work and fly to Puerto Rico to swing a hammer. However, that doesn’t mean you’re powerless to make a difference.

Please join us for the night, learn some more about the culture, enjoy some delicious new beer, try your hand at dancing and be the change you want to see in the world.

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Darkest Night Imperial Stout Returns for limited taproom run

On December 21st, Down The Road heralds the true arrival of winter with a celebration of the darkest night of the year, Winter Solstice. For one night only, our taproom will be transformed into a feast hall, filled with seasonal revelries and song. Naturally, there is only one beer worthy of assuming the seat of honor at such The Darkest Night festival: our Darkest Night Russian Imperial Stout. Inspired by Baba Yaga, a Slavic witch of folklore, this boozy brew balances rich chocolate and coffee malts with a complex palate of fresh, piney hops. But who is Baba Yaga, and why is this withered old woman the face of one of our rarest beers? The devil, as they say, is in the details.

The Witch of the Woods

The primeval forests of the Slavs are dark, and ponderous places. Hard roots of ancient trees tap deep into the frozen earth, drawing sustenance from thousands of years of rot and detritus. In the dark heart of these labyrinthian woods lies Baba Yaga’s chicken-legged hut where the dread sorceress tends to her crops and livestock. It is from this cozy hovel that the old crone beckons lost travelers to their salvation, or their doom.

The old crone is capricious at best, her blessings and curses fall from her lips with no rhyme or reason - at least, not to the minds of mere mortals. Some wanderers may find her to be a maternal figure, spouting wisdom and bestowing gifts upon them for as little as a few compliments or a humble donation. Other less fortunate souls may draw her ire, suffering lingering maladies from her curses that haunt them for the rest of their miserable lives. And woe to the sorry sot who crosses Baba Yaga when she is hungry, for nothing warms the bones quite like hot, sweet blood.

A Serious Stout for Serious Beer Enthusiasts

Like so many of the folkloric namesakes of our beers here at Down the Road, Baba Yaga represents duplicity and chaos. She is a being that demands respect, and rewards it in kind. At 14% ABV, our “Darkest Night” Imperial Stout asks the same of beer drinkers. The well-balanced flavor of this deeply rich brew can be deceptive, and it would be wise to treat it with the respect it deserves. Yet those who can appreciate the composition of this complex and lusciously dark stout will find a warm companion to help them through the harsh cold of winter.

She’s still out there, you know, Baba Yaga. Time may pass, and the world around her may change, but the witch of the woods has gone nowhere. In the shadow-addled depths of Eastern Europe’s endless woodlands, Baba Yaga churns the forest’s rich loam for her crops and chickens - one eye on the footpath, the other turned toward the secret things that flit just beyond the edge of mortal vision, and to her, we raise a glass. Na Zdravie!

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DTR Is Ramping up MA Distribution & Expanding Into Rhode Island

We are proud to announce our new distribution partner: Atlantic Beverage Distributors. Starting in January, Atlantic will assume responsibility for all of our package and draft distribution in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This move places DTR alongside such renowned local breweries as Jack’s Abby and Lord Hobo, as well as Lawson’s Finest Liquids out of Vermont. Honestly. we couldn’t be more excited.

Down The Road Beer Co. came to market in 2015 with a self-distribution model. From the early days of delivering Puk out of the back of a minivan to our modest fleet of commercial delivery trucks, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds in the past three years. Nonetheless, the demand for DTR beer has vastly outstripped our distribution capacity, so it’s time to pass of the reins to a professional distributor with the reach we need to better support our fans in Massachusetts while expanding into new markets such as Rhode Island.

Atlantic is also excited about the new partnership as they are always looking to incorporate key brands into their stable of New England craft.

"Atlantic believes that Down The Road Beer Co. is one of the top local craft breweries with scalability composing of great quality beers and a dedicated team of personnel to support statewide expansion in Massachusetts and Rhode Island,” says Atlantic Beverage Distributors General Sales Manager Mino Soghomonian.

With this announcement, DTR would like to take the opportunity to thank its amazing salesforce, indefatigable distribution team and the thousands of small business owners who have helped build Down The Road into one of the foremost craft beer brands in Massachusetts. We all wanted to believe this crazy project had legs, but between opening our taproom and signing with Atlantic, we feel like we're finally breaking into a run. Thank you for your ongoing support and for joining us on this epic journey.

As always, we’ll see you Down The Road. 

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Seventh Star IPA now shines a little brighter

It’s no secret. We know what you want in an IPA — low bitterness, high hoppiness and an ample serving of haze. It’s also no secret that we recently slipped the bonds of gypsy brewing, and we’re settling into our new 30-barrel brewhouse nicely. All this shiny new tech opens up a mind-boggling number of nerdy brewing opportunities, but we wanted to start somewhere specific, taking another run at our highly popular Seventh Star IPA.

Sure, everyone knows that if it ain’t broke, you don’t fix it. But that's not Brewmaster Donovan’s M.O. If he can make something better or more refined, especially now that he has control over the means of production, then you can be certain that he’s going to do exactly that.

We’re not going to go so far as to call this Seventh Star 2.0, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the tweaks to the recipe. The new formula gives you both barrels of hoppy, tropical fruitiness from a double dose of Azacca and Idaho #7 with backup from a nice round body, soft mouthfeel and a smooth yet dry finish.

Want to see the hustle in action and be one of the first to taste our new, revamped Seventh Star IPA? Swing by on starting now to see the crew in action as we keg and can some of the freshest beer in Mass. Grab a pint at the bar and snag a case for takeaway.

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Dogs Are Now Welcome in the DTR Taproom!

We love dogs here at Down The Road. Many of us on staff own one, or several. (That's Winston the bulldog down there; you'll be seeing him around.) And we know lots of our current and future customers do, too. Without a doubt, there is a unique pleasure in enjoying a fresh draft beer with your best furry friend snuggled up at your feet. 

This is why we are excited to announce that dogs will be allowed inside the Down The Road Beer Co. taproom.

We understand not everyone wants their taproom visit to feel like a dog park. Please know we have every intention of keeping this respectful and enjoyable for all visitors — we feel our space is large and airy enough to accommodate everyone. But It's one of the reasons we'll be designating a "No Dogs" area in the taproom and why we'll be posting and enforcing a set of rules. 

Rules for bringing your dog to Down The Road:

  • All well-behaved, house-trained dogs are allowed.

  • All dogs must be on a leash for the entirety of their stay.

  • All dogs must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Owners with dogs that are overly noisy or otherwise causing a disturbance might be asked to leave.

  • We kindly ask that your dog not use our new taproom as a toilet. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave.

  • No dogs will be allowed in the brewhouse.

  • The DTR staff reserves the right to ask pet owners to remove their pet at any time.

Questions or concerns? Please email: info@dtrbrewery — See you soon! 

Alex E. Weaver

This has been a long time coming, we know, but it turns out opening a massive brewery and taproom so close to Boston (or anywhere, for that matter) isn’t exactly easy. After years of blood, sweat, and beers (fine, some tears, too) we are exceedingly happy to announce that Down The Road Beer Co. is officially opening to the public.

The brand new space, located at 199 Ashland Street in Everett (across the street from the Wynn Boston Harbor casino) is a testament to founder and brewmaster Donovan Bailey’s love of, and obsession with, producing inspired craft beer across a wide spectrum of styles. With dozens of taplines, a state-of-the-art brewhouse currently churning 4,500 bbls. annually, and comfortable space for you and 210 of your closest new friends, it’s an inclusive and accessible destination for those looking for good food and drink in an atmosphere that’s light on pretension and high on fun.

“The mantra for Down The Road, from the beginning, has been to offer a craft beer experience  — whether you’re a certified #beersnob or just dabbling — that’s fresh, local and inspired,” says Bailey. “From the beer to the entertainment to the atmosphere, we aim to be your neighborhood watering hole no matter where you live.”

DTR Beer Co. has been shipping beer to hundreds of accounts throughout Massachusetts since 2015, but the plan has always been to anchor the company in a taproom and brewery all our own. With this launch, we’re finally doing it, and we’ve got to be honest here: it feels pretty damn good. 

We know taprooms are sprouting up in a neighborhood near you faster than you can say “Pukwudgie.” That’s great. But while we love (and frequent!) the many fantastic breweries within striking distance of our new digs, there are some features of our own we’d like to call out:

  • Breadth of styles. From our Undine DIPA to our Rasenmaher Kolsch, Darkest Night Imperial Stout to Citra Pukwudgie (and many, many more), there is truly something here for every palate. 
  • Brand new beer. We'll be pouring some new beers for the opening, including Citra Pukwudgie, Peach Feyborn Berliner Weisse and Wolfgeist Dunkel Lager. 
  • Elbow room. We love a good hole in the wall taproom, we really do, but this is not that. Our 2,500-square-foot taproom currently has seats for 211 thirsty imbibers, with plenty of standing room aside. And don’t worry about muscling your way through to place an order — our 35-foot bar can accommodate, and we’ve got servers making the rounds, too.
  • Retro arcade. Thaaat’s right … we’ve got a full-blown pinball arcade. And we’re not talking a couple dusty machines stuffed in some corner, either. No ma'am. We’ve got some of the most coveted games on the planet — like The Addams Family, Scared Stiff and Twilight Zone, restored to pristine condition and just begging for a new high score.
  • Food stuffs. For those times when beer won’t suffice and you actually need to eat something, there are bar snacks aplenty and a revolving cast of incredible food trucks parked conveniently out front.
  • Non-alcoholic treats! We don’t use exclamation points often, but this is important. We’ve got a separate tap tower pouring delicious things not containing booze, like cold-brewed coffee, kombucha, root beer, and more.  
  • One-offs. We’re not brewing beer on a pedestal around, but you better know if you make the trip to the taproom you’ll likely be met with some #dtrbeer you’ve never seen before … and may never see again.
  • Swag. Drinking great beer with a smile on your face is what we’re all about. But you might as well look good while doing it, right? Check out the merch shop for that perfect DTR Beer Co. hat, hoodie or T-shirt you didn’t know you wanted (needed?) until now.
  • And parking. Plenty of parking. 

We are thrilled to officially be open to the public, offering the following beers on draft. This list will continuously change, so check the site and social media often. 

  1. Golden City NEIPA
  2. Spring Heel Jack London Porter (special vintage edition)
  3. Rasenmaher Kolsch
  4. Reynard's Witbier
  5. Seventh Star IPA
  6. Dreamtime NEIPA
  7. Peach Feyborn Berliner
  8. Wolfgeist Dunkel Lager Dunkel Lager
  9. Hooligan Nut Brown Ale
  10. Pukwudgie American Pale Ale

Head to our Facebook page for more #GODTR details and be sure to follow us on social media. 

Alex E. Weaver