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500L High-quality Brewery Beer Brewing Equipment From DEGONG

The 500L beer brewing system is tailor-made for users with each batch of 500L and 1 to 2 batches per day. We plan and design a complete medium-sized brewery, and all systems can be customized for the defined process based on customer input.
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Product Description

500L Beer Brewing Equipment

A full set of 500L beer brewing equipment includes the following components

1. 200kg/h Crashing System
2. 500L Mashing system + 1,000L Hot Water Tank
3. 500L Fermentation Tank & BBT
4. PID Control System (Optional: PLC)
5. 1,500L Glycol Cooling System
6. 50L CIP System
  • Provide installed pipelines, including valves and sensors

  • Integrated pump system

  • CIP system: separated tank CIP to prevent cross product interference

  • Customized PID / PLC (HMI touch screen, optional) control system

  • Stairs and platforms combine the container in a compact location unit, and the segmented structure of the surface walking ensures non-slip

  • The entire brewery system is installed on a complete platform, easy to move, load and unload, turnkey solution



DEGONG is a professional manufacturer of high-configuration and high-efficiency beer equipment.

We are not only a turnkey solution provider for craft beer projects, but also a disseminator of Chinese craft beer culture.

We make customized beer brewing equipment, whether it is for home use, bar or factory use.

Our own latest professional design is also available. If you want to see more projects, please visit our website and consult me. After receiving your detailed request, I will be more than happy to send you a quotation.

Welcome to visit our factory! If you come to China, please tell me, if I can perform the duties of the master, it is my honor!


All of our professional food-grade stainless steel beer brewing equipment, with your unique innovative ideas, make it practical and popular all over the world. You are welcome to use the new design on our standard brewing equipment and make it more suitable for your local brewing market. You are welcome to inquire at any time.


Contact us

We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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