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500L/1000L/1500L Red Copper Distillation Equipment Gin/ Vodka/ Rum/ Whiskey

As a recognized craftsman who is proficient in copper brewing equipment, he can start producing the exquisite copper products required for the best brewing equipment. Since the distillation equipment is made of copper and stainless steel, we are fully capable of making distillation equipment that not only works perfectly but also looks amazing.
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Product Description

500L/1000L/1500L copper distillation equipment

Pot distiller

One pot is still used in the production of many of the most popular spirits in the world. If there is no single malt Scotch whisky, cognac, rum and mezcal, where will the international and traditional spirits industry go? The pot distiller is indispensable as the basis of any classic batch distillation. What is batch distillation? The process involves putting a specified amount of liquid into a distillation tank and distilling it into alcohol. Then dump out the remaining scum, clean up the distiller, and start the whole process again.

The function of the pot still starts inside the pot itself. The pot is a large base like a bathtub, and the rest of the parts are connected to it. This is where the liquid that is about to be distilled begins its journey of transformation. The pot can be heated in many different ways. This can include the steam jacket lining the outer wall of the pot, or even the steam coil inside the pot itself.

Usually have the following accessories

  • Motor with stirrer

  • Full glass manhole on top

  • Safety valve

  • pressure gauge

  • thermometer

  • CIP ball

  • Return port

  • Export with butterfly valve, etc.


500L/1000L/1500L Red Copper Distillation Equipment

Swan neck and Lyne arm

The length, diameter, and angle of the Lyne arm determine the speed at which the steam and swan neck shape the characteristics of spirits, such as whiskey.

During the distillation process, this steam moves up the swan neck at the top of the pot, and then down the Lyne arm; then it passes through the condenser, where it is cooled to produce a distillate with a higher alcohol concentration than the original liquid .


1500L/400Gal Copper Distillation Equipment

Distillation tower with bubble cap

A distillation column is a basic device used to distill a liquid mixture to separate the mixture into its constituent parts or fractions based on differences in volatility. The purpose of the distillation column is to separate the compounds containing two or more miscible solutions through their respective boiling point changes.

The vapor comes into contact with the bubble cap inside the tower; this causes the vapor to condense back to liquid. The liquid drips down through the column and is eventually forced to return through the lid and plate. Each board contains a red copper blister, a sight glass, a CIP ball, a drain valve and so on.

Sputum separator

Fractionator is a device used for partial condensation of multi-component vapor streams. The vapor stream flows vertically upwards, and the condensate (condensed vapor) flows back under the influence of gravity.

The tube heat exchanger fractionator at the top of the distillation tower sends the distillate back to the boiler, and the cooling water inlet and outlet are equipped with thermowells.


1000L Red Copper Craft Brewery


Our mission is innovation and improvement-not just production. Our high-quality distillation equipment and accessories are the first choice of many winemakers around the world. This boils down to the fact that DEGONG is proud to be the best resource for customer planning, design, manufacturing, and management, and can seamlessly deliver the successful execution of each unique beer project every time!


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