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400L 106 Gallon Alcohol Distiller / Boiler with Copper Distillation Tower for Sale

Each piece of equipment is designed for a specific purpose. The distiller specifically designed for whiskey promotes reflux, prevents foam from reaching the column plate, and continues to transfer as much flavor as possible from the mash. On the other hand, the distiller for vodka should be designed to transmit as little wort flavor as possible.
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Product Description

Distiller with Copper Distillation Tower

How long should the process distillation equipment be used?

The service life of your distiller, fermentation tank and saccharification tank depends on the quality of your brewing equipment manufacturer. The best equipment manufacturers understand the equipment design, materials, and processes required to perform the task at hand, consistently and without additional costs for decades.

The importance of copper distiller and thick copper

A copper pot of high quality and excellent workmanship should still be designed to last 15-20 years. The use, maintenance and cleaning of the distiller are essential to prolong the service life of the copper distiller.

Most commercial copper still manufacturers use 1/8” to 3/16” thick copper for their equipment. At DEGONG, we use thicker copper to extend the service life. We use ¼” copper for the key parts of our tank stills (twice as thick as most other suppliers).

The thickness of the copper used to make the pot distiller is an important factor affecting the service life of the distiller. The copper in the distiller plays an important role (removing sulfur from the steam), but it will also degrade and weaken over time, which will affect the service life of the distiller.

In short, the thicker the copper (all other things being equal), the longer the distiller will run as designed.


Copper sulfate conversion

When the vapor comes into contact with the sulfur inside the copper, the microscopic part of the copper is converted into copper sulfate. Removal of sulfur from steam is an important part of distillation and the main reason for the use of copper in stills.

However, as more and more copper is converted to copper sulfate in the distillation process, this process will slowly thin the copper in the distiller. Over the years, this degradation of copper can lead to microscopic failures. Similarly, the thicker the copper used to make the distiller, the longer the distiller will run without any failure.

Clean the copper pot still

Cleaning the distiller, especially with acid, will slowly corrode the copper in the distiller. The bottom of the pot is particularly susceptible to cleaning, because cleaning chemicals will settle on the bottom of the pot during the cleaning process. It is very important to properly clean the distiller with as few harsh chemicals as possible.


500L Column Copper Distillation Equipment

The importance of copper

The type of copper used to make the distiller is also important for determining the life and safety of the copper batch distiller. Certain types of copper are brittle when formed or welded to the shape required by the distiller. These types of low-quality copper often crack as they go through the heat cycle (cold to hot) of the distiller.

This is why it is necessary to understand the type of copper used to make the distiller.

The best equipment manufacturers use copper 122. This grade of copper is one of the purest oxygen-free copper grades, with a phosphorus content of less than 0.04% (from a technical point of view, the phosphorus in copper can deoxidize the material, making it very suitable for forming complex shapes that require static).

At DEGONG, most of our stills, heads and other copper parts use copper 122. Copper 122 is close to 100% pure copper, but still maintains ductility to form the correct shape for perfect bonding.


Other factors affecting the life of the still
  • Manufacturing quality

Perhaps the most important issue with the distiller is fit and finish. When stills are taken apart, they are sometimes difficult to reassemble. This may be due to warping of the thin metal during the thermal cycle of the distiller, and then moving out of alignment once the connection is disconnected (which may also cause welding failure).

Another common problem with inexpensively manufactured distillers is that these components are forced to be installed during the manufacturing process, which puts unnecessary pressure on the copper. This unnecessary pressure can cause the metal to weaken over time (like bending a paperclip back and forth until it finally breaks). In a poorly structured distiller, once the connection between the parts is loosened, it is difficult to generate the force required to push each part back into place.

Our DEGONG equipment is designed and manufactured so that when the clamp is loosened, all parts remain in place. Each piece is carefully designed and shaped to fit accurately without excessive force to "fit it".

  • Moving parts

Moving parts will also fail, this is the essence. In the end, everything that stands still will fail. Before purchasing equipment, it is important to understand which equipment may fail, how to replace it, and the cost of replacement.

The most common faults of moving parts in distiller

  • Manhole

Depending on the design, the gasket on the manhole may be prone to early failure because the manhole is not properly closed.

  • Agitator

At DEGONG, we usually do not recommend the use of agitators in the distiller. The filler of the agitator will wear out and eventually fail. When this failure occurs, ethanol vapor will escape from the distiller into the surrounding air. Replacing the packing element of the agitator can cost thousands of dollars and still cannot operate within the time required for the replacement.


1000L Copper Alcohol Distillation Equipment

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