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100L Mini Conical Beer Fermenter Tank For Home Brewing Use

When yeast undergoes aerobic and anaerobic reactions, the fermenter generates a lot of heat. An increase in temperature will affect the activity of yeast. Therefore, maintaining a proper temperature is an important factor in ensuring the taste of wine.
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Product Description

100L Conical Fermentation Tanks

Maintaining a proper temperature is an important factor in ensuring the taste of wine. The refrigeration system and the fermentation tank are the perfect partners to solve this problem and are inseparable. If you need these devices, you are welcome to take them home.

The top flange type manhole (S series) cone fermenter is our most popular home brewing hobby product. It is specially designed for those brewers who wish to increase the fermentation capacity from 100L to 300L. There is a 60-degree cone angle at the bottom of the fermentation tank. The wort is fermented more perfectly in this equipment, making the wine more delicious.

It is made of fully polished 304 stainless steel, with all entry-level sanitary welded triple clamp accessories and CIP arms. There are some more advanced additional functions, which will be able to support your brewing needs as you expect.


Beer brewing equipment System Overview
(Can be customized )

Architecture Main Components
1.Trituration System 01.Malt Mill

2.Heating System

01.Steam Boiler(Optional)
3.Saccharification System 01.Mash Tun / Lauter Tank
02.Whirlpool Tank /Brew Kettle
4.Fermentation System 01.Fermentation Tank
5. Cooling System 01.Glycol Tank
02.Glycol Unit
6. Cleaning System 01.Disinfection Tank
02.Alkali Tank
03.Sterilization Vehicle
04.Sterilization Pump
7. Control System

with PLC screens to monitor the temperature of the fermentation,
the Brew house and Glycol Tank. (High Quality)


Packaging and shipping

1. The main beer brewing tanks, fermentation tanks and total package saccharification system are first packaged with plastic film and then with steel frame.

2. All beer brewing spare parts, accessories and accessories will be packed in cartons and crates.

3. All items are protected by soft packaging.

4. Each part of the entire brewing system will be labeled.

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We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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