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1000L 2000L Copper Pot Still / Distillation Equipment Manufacturer Supplier DEGONG

It can eradicate certain types of bacteria and fungi. Copper is commonly used for fungus control in various agriculture. Not surprisingly, copper pipe is indeed the material of choice for residential and commercial water supply pipelines, because copper is commonly used as an algicide for water purification.
  • DEGONG-1000L
Product Description

1000L Copper Pot still

Technical specifications
  • Potstill, Ø 1200mm, made of special high-quality copper material, highly polished and smooth (quality is subject to hammered copper), 4mm thick

  • Filling capacity: 1000 liters

  • Filling port: Ø 400mm

  • Discharge: Ø 300mm and 4″ ball valve

  • Indirect heating: stainless steel water bath

  • Special-shaped helmet: stainless steel flanged connection, no visible screws or washers inside and outside. Wear observation glasses and thermometer.

  • Superaromator: (Special distillation tower) Ø 500mm, 1500mm high, with 3 bubble caps.

  • Blister: The new structure increases the turbulent movement of the copper surface and the liquid. The liquid level on the distillation tray can be adjusted freely-the alcohol content and aroma of the distilled mash can be flexibly adjusted.

  • Include a pre-condenser (fractionator) in the column head

  • Check glass: for each blister and mash return.

  • Stainless steel condenser: Ø220mm, height 2000mm, automatic cooling with thermostatic regulating valve.

  • Safety features: overflow, vacuum circuit breaker, pressure gauge, automatic exhaust, steam trap and dirt filter.

  • Outflow device of alcohol pipe, distilled water and water device: completely made of stainless steel


Stirrer 2 KW 150 RPM
  • Complete stainless steel structure

CIP cleaning system
  • Drive pump

  • The stainless steel cleaning syringe in the pot (rotating),

  • Boiling plate, rudder, fractionator,

  • Mash return pipe

  • Indexable cycle cleaning

  • With pressure switch, it can be automatically started and closed according to water demand

  • Technical features:

                      Working pressure: max. 8 bar

                      Delivery rate: maximum. 8 m/h

Cleaning system hot water tank
  • Stainless steel 500 liters has 2 observation windows,

  • Aromatherapy Basics

Vanilla and seed plant pot
  • In the line from the helmet to the condenser

  • With three-way valve, re-boiler and detachable plant basket


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